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Testosterone Therapy for Men

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Why are we seeing more and more men with low testosterone?
  • The normal range of testosterone is between 300 to 1000 ng/dL

  • About 40% of men over the age of 45 will have a testosterone lower than 300 ng/dL

  • Studies show that in United States over the past two decades the average testosterone level in a middle-age man has decreased 200 ng/dL

Why is this happening?

Because of so many environmental toxins and estrogens in our food and water we find this is the leading cause

So why is testosterone important?

  1. Increase energy

  2. Improve cognitive function

  3. Improve a better sleep

  4. Sexual enhancement increase penile girth

  5. Obviously for increase sex drive

  6. For bone strength to prevent osteoporosis

  7. Importantly now the cardiac literature room in the back and they have strong evidence that men with a low testosterone have a higher risk of dying of cardiovascular disease

  8. Also men with a low testosterone having shorter lifespan down from other non-cardiac associated illnesse

So maintaining a normal testosterone is not all about sex it’s about overall physical health.

The Explosion of Testosterone Clinics in America

Unfortunately in America we seen an explosion of testosterone clinics that do not always practice standard guidelines. Unfortunately Testosterone clinic have not always had the best reputations because:

  1. Price gouging

  2. Providers are not trained in sexual health such as a urologist

  3. Over recommending certain treatment modalities such as lithotripsy wave therapy for the penis which is only been shown to be affective with mild erectile dysfunction but not moderate to severe… So basically overpromising and under delivering

  4. Offering something called a P-Shot which is supposedly using your own blood which is spun down and injected into the penis supposedly calling this “stem cell therapy”

  5. Both the shockwave therapy and stem cell therapy for two minutes and expensive and once again and Urology literature has had very limited success so it certainly has not been the main stream recommendation as per our guidelines

Low T Injections

Note that almost all men receiving just roster injections are using an ester form called testosterone cypionate or Depo testosterone. Testosterone cypionate takes a few days to peek but it has the longest half life in comparison to the other testosterone esters.


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