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Lawrence Hatchett MD

Lawrence Hatchett MD


Lawrence Hatchett, MD is a board-certified urologic surgeon specializing in state-of-the-art, minimally invasive solutions. He has been practicing since 1993. He received his undergraduate degree from Marquette University while on a full basketball scholarship for four years.


Dr. Lawrence Hatchett was also teammates with Coach Doc Rivers who is now the head coach for the Philadelphia 76ers. Dr. Lawrence Hatchett is a Harvard-trained urologic surgeon and completed his fellowship at Boston Children’s Harvard University. Today, he is a urologic surgeon specializing in the minimally invasive aspects of urology at the Urology Institute.


His special interests are:

  • Minimally invasive BPH

  • Minimally invasive treatment for severe stress incontinence in women

  • Nerve Stimulator (Axonics Therapy) to treat bladder and bowel incontinence

  • “No-Scalpel” vasectomy

Dr. Lawrence Hatchett was also a national speaker for Pfizer and spoke on Viagra and overactive bladders for stress incontinence patients. He also trains and consults other physicians across the US on BARD’s Urethral Bulking Agents.


Our Unique Approach to Wellness

Promoting Vitality and Sexual Health INSIDE AND OUT.

HATCHETT REJUVENATION specializes in state-of-the-art therapies for men and women including hormone optimization therapy such as Testosterone, Pregnenolone, Estrogen, Progesterone, and Thyroid. 

SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION is commonly brought on by many other biological factors that can be reversed thanks to modern medicine and technological therapies such as prescriptive medicines, cellular rejuvenation devices and injectable pathways to name a few.

Our Mission

The programs offered at HATCHETT Rejuvenation is the culmination of Dr. Hatchett's own vast personal experience, and the ongoing review of the research and latest scientific studies and therapies.


As an avid fitness and health enthusiast, he was finding himself rapidly deteriorating and being unable to perform physically as he had in the past. Dr. Hatchett experienced aches and pains, loss of muscle and strength, a decrease in endurance and lack of desire for physical activity.


After optimizing his hormones back to more youthful levels, the pain and deterioration subsided. He is back to the vitality he had years ago. Armed with the personal experience of feeling poorly for so many years he is now treating men and women back to the best version of themselves that they can possibly be!


Patients that feel the lack of strength, energy, focus, endurance and ability to perform sexually and energetically are the patients Hatchett Rejuvenation was created for.


A full-body "inside and out" approach including Hormone replacement is an important component in the control of this mid-life crisis. Current research has revealed that hormone replacement can slow this deterioration and reverse these symptoms of aging. This gives us great hope for not only a long life, but also a healthy, active life – with the emphasis on quality and vitality.

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