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You Deserve to Feel Your Very Best - REGARDLESS OF AGE.

We PARTNER with you to create a personalized plan to improve the way you feel and reverse unwanted symptoms of aging.


Better Aging and Sexual Health Starts Here.

HATCHETT Rejuvenation helps men and women utilize modern therapies and technologies to get to the root cause of each problem, so they can live sexually healthy and with energetic vitality.

Sexual Vitality and Anti-Aging Strategies
Tailored to YOUR Individual Needs

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Start feeling better, having more energy and a better quality of life.


Therapies to improve performance in the bedroom.


Restore quality of life with hormone balance for men and women.


We provide plans targeted to support all of your wellness goals.


Don't Wait Another Day to Start Feeling Amazing.

Treatments provided by Hatchett Rejuvenation are one-of-a-kind and tailored to each individual patient and their needs. We carefully discuss your individual circumstances, symptoms, and health history to determine the best course of action for you.

We see patients in our Marion office Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and additional times are available by special appointment.


About Dr. Lawrence Hatchett

Lawrence Hatchett, MD is a board-certified urologic surgeon specializing in state-of-the-art, minimally invasive solutions. He has been practicing since 1993. He received his undergraduate degree from Marquette University while on a full basketball scholarship for four years. Dr. Lawrence Hatchett was also teammates with Coach Doc Rivers who is now the head coach for the Philadelphia 76ers. Dr. Lawrence Hatchett is a Harvard-trained urologic surgeon and completed his fellowship at Boston Children’s Harvard University. Today, he is a urologic surgeon specializing in the minimally invasive aspects of urology.


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Our Unique Approach to Individualized Care

Test Tubes

Specialized, Advanced TESTING

Comprehensive labs and specialty testing let us go deeper to provide a better understanding of you and your health.

Confident Businesswoman

Wellness GOALS
Focused on YOU

Taking time to talk about your genetics, history, lifestyle, and symptoms provide a complete view and a path forward.

Healthy Couple

for Your Health

Individualized "pathways" in the form   of therapy treatments and lifestyle modifications are provided to help you live your best life.

Doctor's Desk

Results-Driven Therapies & Medicine

Many of our patients have said that they have been going from doctor to doctor sometimes for decades in search of finding someone to assist them in feeling better. 
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