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Shockwave Therapy + PRP Therapy

FOCAL SHOCKWAVE THERAPY is a non-invasive medical treatment that treats the root cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). 80% of ED cases are caused by poor blood flow due to the unhealthy narrowing of blood vessels and micro-plaque buildup. Focused Shockwaves break through any micro-plaque and stimulate the body to grow new blood vessels in the penis. The outcome is the ability to achieve and maintain firm and rigid erections naturally, without prescription drugs which eventually lose their effectiveness.

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Why Shockwave + PRP Therapy?

For Longer Lasting Improvement

The Shock Wave Therapy targets the erectile mechanism so that men are more likely to have erections on their own.

A clinician applies a probe to the penis coated with a special numbing gel. Different areas are usually targeted for approximately 15 minutes. Multiple sessions are usually required for consistent improvement. Anesthesia is not required although a tingling sensation may be experienced in the treated area. (See Programs Offered Below.)

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma uses platelets drawn from your own blood containing a concentration of growth factors that stimulate and increase the number of reparative cells your body produces. The combination of these therapies are preferred by Dr. Hatchett for longer-term benefits.

Dedicated to Optimal Health Maintenance & Disease Prevention

Benefits of Shockwave + PRP Therapy

This safe and effective treatment for ED provides long-lasting results, and is:

  • Drug-free

  • Performed in-office

  • Surgery-free

  • Totally non-invasive

Results of clinical trials of shock wave therapy for ED are encouraging. The process has been well tolerated by patients, and many men have found that their erections have improved and that they can have intercourse.

About 99% of patients notice positive results after one to three weeks. The effect will last about 2-3 years depending on the severity of your ED that was treated, as well as the presence of preexisting conditions like diabetes. We also recommend annual maintenance treatments to continue top optimal performance.

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