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Sexual Health for Men

Sexual Health is something every adults deals with on a daily basis. As we age and bodies mature, they tend to produce less youthful hormone levels, suffer from injuries or even mental roadblocks that keep them from having a healthy sex life.

HATCHETT Rejuvenation and Lawrence Hatchett MD offer assistance to men and women with proven-successful and medically supervised therapies that can help men and women feel their very best for years to come.


Sexual Dysfunction

There are many reasons men can experience lower performance sexually over time. Some of these reasons can include

• Medical reasons

• Environmental

• Diet related

• Stress related

• Lower testosterone production as we age.


We want you to know - it's NOT YOUR FAULT and VERY COMMON for men to experience these issues.


Fortunately through modern medicine and technology, there are various treatment pathways available for assisting Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Sexual Issues in men.

Low-T Therapy for Men

Testerone levels can start to drop as early as their early 20s. A decrease in testosterone can result in unwanted symptoms such as low libido, reduced muscle mass, impaired memory, slow metabolism and fatigue.


We offer testosterone replacement therapy and low testosterone treatments for men to help with the symptoms of aging with an individualized and customized approach.

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Erectile Dysfunction Therapies

In conjunction with hormone optimization therapy for Men, our patients dealing with the symptoms of ED are finding tremendous benefits with results of non-invasive and drug-free therapies including the "P Shot" and SoundWave Therapy. 

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